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Telehealth Appointments

We are available via video for consultations making it easy for patients to recover in the comfort of their home.

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About Telehealth Appointments

If you are unable to make it into one of our clinics, we are able to effectively guide you through rehabilitation plans to ensure you can stay on track with your recovery.

Using our exercise prescription software, we are able to seamlessly provide a full consultation in the comfort of your own home via video streaming. We want to make sure you get the same high level of care, no matter where you are in the world.

What to Expect

Your physiotherapist will send you a link, inviting you to the video call. Once you follow this link, you are online for your consultation and the video will begin. During your video appointment, the physio will take a detailed account of your problem and ask you to perform some tests to assess you in order to make a clinical diagnosis.

You will be provided with various treatment techniques, including taping and self-release techniques as well as a self-management plan for you to work on in the comfort of your own home.

How Do They Work?

While we can’t use our hands, we can:

  • Assess how your condition is progressing;
  • Check on your exercise quality and form via video;
  • Assess how your program is working and whether we can progress or change it;
  • Advise you on any required pain relief techniques;
  • Teach taping and self-release techniques;
  • Build functional training programs for you, taking into consideration the need to adapt and keep your exercise and movement going;
  • Check on your work set-up and ergonomics at home;

And more.


Why Us?

At our Sydney CBD Physiotherapy clinics the physiotherapist plays a vital role in healing, pain relief and rehabilitation following fractures, surgery, muscle, tendon, ligament and joint injuries. The treatment aims to correct and stimulate the body’s own natural healing processes without the use of medication.

Education and advice on how to manage the condition are fundamental to successful treatment.

At Sydney Physiotherapy Solutions we aim to keep the treatments to a minimum whilst assisting in the rehabilitation and self help advice.

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