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Colm Callinan

MSc Physiotherapy, BSc Athletic Therapy & Training
Area of Expertise: Men’s Health, Pelvic Pain & Incontinence, Shoulder, Wrist/Hand, Spine, Knee, Ankle/Foot
Location: Castlereagh St. Physiotherapy Clinic

Colm is one of the many Irish Physiotherapists that has made the move to Sydney in recent years, and is thrilled to be part of the team at SPS as our newest Men’s Health and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.
Colm initially graduated from Dublin City University as an Athletic Therapist and gained a wealth of experience working within several professional Gaelic Football and soccer teams. He then decided to further his studies and completed his MSc in Physiotherapy in Edinburgh, Scotland. Thereafter, he has worked as a senior physiotherapist in some of the biggest hospitals in the Scotland, whilst continuing to work in private practice and the sporting setting.
Since joining us at SPS, Colm has trained intensively as a Men’s Health Physiotherapist and is excited to bring this knowledge to his patients, enhancing the continence and erectile function of men with chronic pelvic pain and/or prostate cancer.
Colm is hugely passionate about health and fitness and loves to practice what he preaches. Having played high level football and Gaelic football his entire life, he understands first hand the enjoyment sport, exercise and movement can bring, and the frustration caused by an injury and illness. He also enjoys gym work and recreational running and likes to bring this knowledge into his practice.
Colm is frequently described by his patients as empathetic, compassionate, friendly and thorough.
He loves to be challenged and is embracing this hugely rewarding role as a Men’s Health Physiotherapist to bring about a positive change in their life helping them to live a life on their own terms.