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Anson Zhu, Senior Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist BPhty, APAM, Grad. Cert. Sports Physio
Area of Expertise:Back, Spine, Pelvis, Knee, Hips, Foot & Ankle
Location: Macquarie Street Physiotherapy Clinic

Anson is a Newcastle University graduate and has spent the past several years working with people with Low Back Pain and athletes from a variety of sports and activity levels. He is widely considered to be one of the most-passionate and enthusiastic Physios you will ever meet, and will stop at nothing to help his patients.

He has a post-graduate certificate and soon-to-be-completed double Master’s in both Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, making him one of the most-qualified Physiotherapists in Sydney.

Anson has researched widely and applied his expertise in treating people with Low Back Pain into an exciting new program called Building Better Backs. This innovative and undeniably effective treatment program for people with Low back Pain utilises the latest research and technology available to improve the treatment choices, communication and ultimately outcomes for his patients. He also enjoys treating lower limb injuries, and has a particular interest in hip injury management and the conservative treatment of early arthritis.

Anson enjoys playing volleyball and basketball, some would say badly(!), and has a strong background in various martial arts that sees him take a comprehensive approach to looking after his patients.