Welcome to Sydney Physio Solutions

Meet our team of Sydney physios below.

Sydney Physiotherapy Solutions is trusted for the knowledge and experience of its staff members. We have physiotherapists who are experts in specific areas of the body so if you are searching for a physiotherapist, see an expert, not a generalist.

We have two clinics in Sydney CBD and a brand new physiotherapy clinic in Chatswood. All our clinics are staffed by highly qualified and expert physiotherapists whose motivation is to find the cause of your problem & return you to pre-injury fitness as soon as possible.

Our Macquarie Street Physiotherapists

Physiotherapist Macquarie Street Brad McIntosh

Dr Brad McIntosh

Area of Expertise: Knee

Managing Director BSc (ExSci) MPT (Physio) DPT (Physio) CSCS APAM MSMA

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Stuart Baptist

Stuart Baptist

Area of Expertise: Men’s Health, Pelvic Pain & Incontinence, Shoulder & Hip

Director M App Sc BSc (Hons) Physio APAM Memb CFA

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Physiotherapist Macquarie Street Virginia Sherriff

Virginia Sherriff

Area of Expertise: Spine, core stability, pilates

Director B Physiotherapy CPP APAM

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Physiotherapist Macquarie Street Matthew Crawshaw

Matthew Crawshaw

Area of Expertise: Neck, Headaches, Ribs, & TMJ

Director BAppSc (Phty) BBus (Marketing) APAM

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Physiotherapist Joanna Allan

Joanna Allan

Area of Expertise: Neck, Spine, Foot & Ankle, Pilates

B Physio  APAM

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Physiotherapist Macquarie Street Denise Garcia

Denise Garcia

Area of Expertise: Ankle, Hips and Knees

Physiotherapist,  M Phty, B Sc (ExSci)

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Lucia Bang Physiotherapist

Lucia Bang

Area of Expertise: Musculoskeletal Injuries, Lumbar Spine, Shoulder & Lower Limb

Physiotherapist B AppSc (Phty), M ClinPhysio,  APAM, MPA

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Physiotherapist Ian Nicholas

Ian Nicholas

Area of Expertise: Hips, Knee, Foot and Ankle, Shoulder

Physiotherapist BAppSc, MPhty, APAM

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Andrew Garret massage therapist Sydney CBD

Christopher Abbott

Area of Expertise: Remedial Massage

Dip Remedial Massage

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Physiotherapist Macquarie Street Chantal Wingfield

Chantal Wingfield

Area of Expertise: Back, knee, core, pilates

Senior Physiotherapist Sydney BSc (Hons) Physio CPP

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Our Castlereagh Street Physiotherapists

Physiotherapist Castlereagh Street Andrew Preston

Andrew Preston

Area of Expertise: Knee, Golf, Hip & Ankle

Director M.Phty B.Ex.Sc. B.Bus.(Sport Mgt) APAM TPI SFMA

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Physiotherapist Castlereagh Street Jackson Toigo

Jackson Toigo

Area of Expertise: Spine, Shoulder, Hip and Sporting Injuries

Physiotherapist MPhty MExSpSc BAppSc(ExSpSc) APAM

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Physiotherapist Castlereagh Street Conor Keane

Conor Keane

Area of Expertise: Low Back Pain, Spine & Headaches, Foot & Ankle

Physiotherapist BSc(Hons) Physio

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Hamish Wright Physiotherapist

Hamish Wright

Area of Expertise: Pelvis, Hip, Knee, Lumbar Spine, Headaches and Sporting Injuries

BPhty, BSc, APAM

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Alex McClelland nutritionist

Alexandra McClelland

Area of Expertise: Diet and Nutrition

BSc, Grad Dip Biomedical Science, MSc (Nutrition and Dietetics)

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Our Chatswood Physiotherapists

Alex Nicholson

Alex Nicholson

Area of Expertise: Knee, Headaches, Spine, Shoulder & Tendinopathy

Director B App Sc(Phty),  GradCertSportsPhysio, APAM

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Stuart Baptist

Stuart Baptist

Area of Expertise: Men’s Health, Pelvic Pain & Incontinence, Shoulder & Hip

Director M App Sc BSc (Hons) Physio APAM Memb CFA

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Abby Leung

Abby Leung

Area of Expertise: Spine, Pelvis & Women’s Health

BSc (Hons) Physio, MPhty, MSc, APAM

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Anson Zhu

Anson Zhu

Area of Expertise: Hip, Ankle & Shoulder

B Physio,  APAM

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Physiotherapy in Sydney

At Sydney Physiotherapy Solutions, we focus on providing exceptional clinical excellence and great customer service to our patients.

As a leading physiotherapy centre in Sydney we guarantee to provide fully-qualified physiotherapists at short notice.

All of our staff have worked with a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal problems, from those affecting high-level athletes and dancers to the aches and pains encountered by keen weekend warriors and office junkies. We keep up to date with modern advances in treatment.

We have 3 clinics conveniently situated in Sydney city centre and Chatswood offering appointments from 7.30am-7pm, Monday to Friday.

Our physiotherapy clinics in Sydney have been successfully treating local residents - as well as the city's business community and sporting community, since 2007. We have developed a strong reputation with the local community, GPs, and orthopaedic surgeons over this time.

We offer prompt physiotherapy appointments, aiding you to a speedier recovery. Call now on 9252 5770.