Pilates Chatswood

Pilates has officially landed at Chatswood.

Physio lead Pilates is a form of exercise that develops and challenges core muscle and whole-body stability.

Suitable for all levels, it is used in rehabilitation, injury prevention and strength and conditioning programmes. The specificity of clinical
Pilates works to improve spinal health, agility, coordination and body alignment for the individual, which will further optimise performance in your chosen field.

Strong emphasis is placed on posture, flexibility and core muscle awareness and control, as it is applied to the functional activities of daily life eg. sitting, walking, running & many sports.


If you are interested in attending group classes, private sessions or duet sessions please contact us on 02 9419 2553 to book with our highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors.

You will need to have an initial Pilates assessment prior to beginning classes, so we can identify your individual status, your needs and requirements, and goals for the term. Our classes combine mat and equipment but can cater for all levels. With a maximum of 4 people in each class.

Health Fund rebates may apply.

You can click here to book now online.

For any questions or enquiries, we can be contacted on 02 9419 2553 or chatswood@ssop.com.au to speak with our main Pilates Clinician Phoebe Prott.

Do you suffer from persistent or recurrent low back or pelvic pain?

  • A 2016 study on back pain and Pilates exercise showed significant improvements in disability, pain, flexibility and balance in patients with low back pain.
  • Multiple studies have also shown altered muscle activation patterns around the low back to be related to acute, and/or persistent low back pain.
  • Pilates exercises teach you how to effectively activate the deep core muscles of your back, abdomen and pelvic floor. Thus, helping to manage the source of your low back pain.
  • We also use real-time ultrasound to assess the activation patterns of your deep core muscles. This allows us to directly assess muscles and provide visual feedback to you.