Matt Crawshaw

Director BAppSc (Phty) BBus (Marketing) APAM
Area of Expertise: Neck, Headaches, Ribs, & TMJ
Location: Macquarie Street Physiotherapy Clinic Sydney CBD

Matt completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree in 2005 at the University of Sydney. Initially he worked in private practice seeing a mix of musculoskeletal and sports injuries. He later spent 7 years in a large medical centre as the sole physiotherapist developing his understanding of the complex nature of injuries and pain. During this time he was involved with South Sydney Juniors NRL team.

His attraction to physiotherapy came out of the many injuries he sustained when he “ran away to the circus” for five years to be a stilt-walker. His focus is on improving symptoms and pain in the short term while diagnosing the underlying dysfunction responsible. The most common areas Matt finds the underling dysfunction is in the pelvis or the ribs. He uses advanced diagnostic techniques to identify problems in each of these areas.

Matt’s focus on pelvis-related dysfunction has seen him develop a great interest in acute and chronic pelvic pain (Pudendal Neuralgia). He has been mentored by a leading physiotherapist (Peter Dornan) in this field. Peter has done a pilot study showing the benefits of a musculoskeletal approach to this problem which you can view here. Developing a detailed understanding of the pelvis has seen Matt expand his interest into Men’s Health and offers a rich background to resolve continence and erectile dysfunction issues.

Rib or Thoracic Ring Dysfunction is a relatively new concept in physiotherapy which Matt has turned his hand to with fantastic results. The relationship the thorax has to the rest of the body is very influential. Correcting thoracic rings can help resolve issues as diverse as achilles tendinopathy to cervical pain to hand strains. It can be a powerful tool in Matt’s approach to treating the body in an integrated way.

Acupuncture and Dry needling has become an important part of Matt’s treatment options which include a large repertoire of manual techniques. Combining these is excellent for releasing muscle tension and assisting in training better motor patterns in the body. Corrective exercise prescription is an essential part of this strategy designed to restore patients to their desired level of activity.

For fitness Matt is a keen recreational cyclist.