Hamish Wright

Physiotherapist, BPhty, BSc, APAM
Area of Expertise: Headache & Migraine, Spine & Pelvis, Knee, Hips
Location: Castlereagh Street Physiotherapy Clinic

Originally hailing from New Zealand, Hamish completed his physiotherapy degree at the University of Otago in Dunedin, following a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Biochemistry.  He then spent his first six years working in private practice in Christchurch, treating a wide variety of conditions and also working extensively with club and elite level sports teams, predominantly in Rugby Union and Softball.

In 2010, Hamish made the move across the Tasman to work in a clinic that specialised in treating complex lower back, pelvis and hip issues.  It was here he developed a special interest in these areas.  Treating complex chronic injuries greatly enhanced his ability to identify the underlying factors that contribute to an injury which he found essential in not only being able to fix the initial problem, but also prevent it coming back again in the future.

On a personal note, Hamish has always enjoyed playing team sport and grew up playing Basketball, Rugby Union and Soccer, as well as dabbling in Tennis and Athletics.  He finally hung up his rugby boots recently and now keeps fit through regular running, gym work and exploring Australia’s great outdoors.

He has always had a life long passion with learning and enjoying new challenges. In his free time, Hamish is now (slowly) learning the guitar and trying his hand at computer programming.