Denise Garcia

Physiotherapist, M Phty, B Sc (ExSci)
Area of Expertise: Foot & Ankle, Hips & Knees, Pilates & Women's Health
Location: Macquarie Street Physiotherapy Clinic Sydney CBD
Currently on maternity leave

Denise graduated with a Masters in Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney. Since graduating she has worked in private practice where she has developed strong diagnostic skills and treatment interventions focused around efficient rehabilitation, self-management and injury prevention.

Denise has experience in treating a variety of conditions, however she has a special interest in ankles, knees and hips.

Having also completed a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science, Denise enjoys employing her knowledge on biomechanical analysis of movement to develop and prescribe exercise programs for rehabilitation, sports performance and general fitness.

Denise has acquired various skills over the years through continued education from courses presented by leading Physiotherapists in Australia. She values the importance of staying up to date with evidence based treatment approaches that have been proven successful in a clinical setting.

She has been involved in events such as the North Face 50km and 100km run and the Sydney University Women’s Water Polo team. She enjoys the stresses of a fast paced environment and the need for quick thinking, diagnosis and acute management of injuries.

On a personal note, sport has played an important role throughout Denise’s life, and she has enjoyed playing several sports both socially and competitively. Her busy lifestyle at times makes it difficult for her to be as involved in a variety of sports as she once was, however she endeavours to keep fit and healthy by visiting the gym regularly.

Denise has a huge interest in skiing and eagerly awaits the winter months were she spends most of her weekends skiing in Thredbo.