Bish Hanna

Physiotherapist, MPhty, MClinExPhysiol(Rehab), BAppSc(Sp & ExSc)
Area of Expertise: Spine, Shoulder & Elbow, Hip, Tendons
Location: Macquarie Street Physiotherapy Clinic

Bish graduated with a Master of Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney and a Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology from CSU. Bish’s qualifications in physiotherapy and exercise physiology allow him to take a distinctive and combined approach in patient treatment and rehabilitation. He has spent most of his career working in private practice and sports, including NSW national premier league football and junior netball teams.

Delivering accurate diagnoses of acute injuries and highlighting the importance of patient education and understanding is essential in his process to rehabilitate all the way back to high performance. Bish excels in evaluating, planning and delivering evidence based physiotherapy tailored to meet the needs of individual patients and their return to sport

Clinically, Bish is highly skilled in treating many conditions within a musculoskeletal setting. However, he has a special interest in the diagnosis, management and treatment of shoulder, hip and groin, spinal, and tendon problems.

Outside of the clinic, Bish likes to keep active, participating in an array of activities and sporting competitions including futsal, basketball, and indoor rock climbing. Bish has also completed Tough Mudder twice and most recently participated in the Kurnell sprint series triathlon.