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Alex Nicholson

Alex Nicholson

Director, Senior Physiotherapist, APA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist, MSportsPhysio, BAppSc(Phty), APAM
Area of Expertise: Knee, Headaches, Shoulder & Tendon Injuries
Location: Macquarie Street Physiotherapy Clinic

Alex’s passion for sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy developed as a result of his own sporting interests and injuries. He is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of complex musculoskeletal conditions and is an excellent communicator. Alex is also a Titled APA Sports Physiotherapist.

Swift, accurate diagnosis and holistic treatment is the key to optimising patient rehabilitation. This forms the basis for Alex’s approach to treatment.

Headache, shoulder and sporting injuries, including tendinopathy, are areas that Alex has developed a special interest in. During treatment, he incorporates a variety of techniques according to the patient’s needs, including dry needling. He also has a strong exercise background that he frequently incorporates into treatment in order to expedite patient recovery.

Alex believes in being at the forefront of new research and treatments in physiotherapy. He has completed further training in treatment of headache, shoulder, thorax, foot and ankle, pelvic and sports injuries, with many of Australia’s leading physiotherapists.

In the past, Alex has worked with people from all walks of life and skills levels. His sports physiotherapy interest has meant that he has worked with a variety of athletes from water polo, rugby union, rowing, volleyball, AFL, and dragon boating to name a few. Alex has been the physiotherapist for the Sydney University Women’s Water Polo National League team for the last 7 years and has also worked as a physiotherapist for Australian Water Polo teams.

When he’s not in the clinic, Alex loves watching sport but probably has his hands full chasing around his toddler daughter and golden retriever