Pilates at Sydney Physiotherapy Solutions – Pilates for Life

At Sydney Physiotherapy Solutions, all of our instructors are highly experienced Physiotherapists who bring a personal approach to your exercise regime – you can rest assured that no matter what level of fitness or injury background you begin with, Sydney Physiotherapy Solutions will have a programme especially tailored for you.

At Sydney Physio Solutions Pilates we know that when our clients come to us – they want the best.  We take the time in our Initial Pilates Assessment to understand your exercise and personal goals, and then work closely with you to ensure these are met.  Your personal plan is discussed from the first session, as clients are introduced to the fundamentals of Pilates and how that applies to their individual programme.

Depending on your Pilates background, and with the use of real time ultrasound, clients are taught how to correctly switch on their ‘deep core’ muscles, and then use them in a functional way – whether that be for helping to improve posture at work, home, or on the sporting scene.  To assist in building your strength, flexibility, balance and endurance, clients may then be introduced to specific Pilates Equipment such as The Reformer, The Trapeze Table, The Wunda Chair and Barrel.  These all have spring resistance mechanisms which can challenge you further in a variety of different postures.

Clinical Pilates

Pilates in it’s purest form was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s to allow patients confined to a hospital bed to remain strong and active via attaching pulleys to their beds, thus providing a novel style of resistance training.

Private Sessions, Duets & Classes

At Sydney Physiotherapy Solutions, we are aware that all of our clients are different, and thus have different needs.   In order to meet these, and to help achieve individual fitness and rehab goals, we have created 1:1 private sessions and 1:2 duet sessions in addition to small group class sessions.

Scroll over our range of Sydney CBD pilates services below to find out more.

Pilates Mat Class

Pilates for Runners

Pilates for Cyclists

Equipment Class

Pilates for Pregnancy

Pilates for Pregnancy Class

Cardio Class

Men's Health Pilates

Men's Health Class

Memberships for Pilates Classes

There are 3 membership options available for our Pilates clients

1. Gold Membership

A client purchasing a 12-month Gold Membership receives:

  • access to 1 class per week throughout the year
  • priority selection of desired class time
  • 9 x make-up classes per year1
  • a 25% discount
  • access to Direct Debit monthly payments

1 SPS must be notified in advance of a client’s absence and selection of a make-up time must be made at that time.


  • Gold Membership total = $1488 ($124/4 weeks),  less rebate, 12-month contract. This is a 25% discount.

2. Platinum Membership

 A client purchasing 12-month Platinum Membership receives:

  • access to 2 classes per week throughout the year
  • priority selection of desired class times
  • 12 x make-up classes per year2
  • 3 x 45-minute Massage Therapy sessions
  • complimentary pair of pilates socks and spikey massage ball
  • 35% discount

2 SPS must be notified in advance of a client’s absence and selection of a make-up time must be made at that time.


  • Platinum Membership total = $2784 ($232/ 4 weeks), less rebate,  12-month contract. This is a 35% discount.

Reception can be contacted on 9252 5770 or pilates@ssop.com.au for further details, class bookings or to speak with one of our highly qualified pilates instructors.

3. Silver Membership 

A client purchasing a 6 month Silver Membership receives:

  • Access to 1 class per week for 3 terms
  • The option to extend this to 2 classes per week
  • Access to 4 weekly direct debit
  • Make-up classes subject to availability
  • 20% discount


  • Silver Membership (one class/week) total = $816 ($136/ 4 weeks) less rebate, 6 month contract. This is a 20% discount.

How will Clinical Pilates help me?

Clinical Pilates is a great way of exercising at any stage of injury, as you can begin with simply by learning how to ‘switch on’ your deep core, along with specific muscles that need to begin working again.  Exercises can be tailored specifically for you, to help reach your goals.