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Shoulder Pain in World Cup Cricket

Shoulder injuries in fast bowlers are surprisingly not as common as you might think. Tim Southee, the New Zealand opening bowler, recently picked up a shoulder injury after being hit by a wayward ball during fielding practice. Luckily enough for the Kiwis, he recovered in time for the recent win against Australia in the world cup.

tim southee

He is not the first bowler to pick up an injury from a “friendly fire” type incident involving a stray cricket ball in practice. Glenn McGrath missed the opening test of the 2005 Ashes series against England at Lords (the series the Aussies later went on to lose!) after standing on a ball and twisting his ankle.

glenn mcgrath

One thing we are unlikely to see this world cup is an English player injuring their shoulder from picking up the trophy too quickly! However, I would say there is a significantly increased risk of an Englishman (they could actually be Irish or South African if in the England team!) developing an overuse type injury from throwing the ball back to the bowler from the boundary!



If you suffer from shoulder pain please get in touch with the team at Sydney Physio Solutions to make an appointment to see one of our shoulder specialists.


Everyone has hundreds of bursa around the body. Their role is to reduce friction and allow 2 surfaces to slide over each other freely.

  • When bursa become irritated they become swollen and the ability to allow the 2 surfaces to glide freely is reduced.
  • Poor biomechanics and repetitive strain is quite often the cause of a bursitis
  • A blunt trauma can also cause an acute episode of swelling within a bursa, leading to a bursitis.
  • Other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout can make an individual more prone to a bursitis.

Hints for self-management

  • Rest the affected area and avoid aggravating movements and activities.
  • Ice and anti-inflammatory medications can assist reduce inflammation.

Management options

  •   A corticosteroid can be injected into the affected bursa to assist reduce inflammation. This can be performed under ultrasound guidance by a radiologist after being prescribed by your GP, Orthopaedic Surgeon or Sports Physician.
  • Physiotherapy can help strengthen the muscles around the affected area and correct any biomechanical issues causing the irritation .

What you can expect/look out for

  • Pain with movement.
  • An achey or stiff sensation in the affected area.
  • Swelling and/or redness over the affected area.
  • Sometimes painful to palpate over the bursa.

More information

  • Common areas for bursitis are:

–       Shoulder (sub-acromial) bursitis

–       Elbow (olecrannon) bursitis

–       Hip (trochanteric) bursitis

  • It is not uncommon to experience recurrent flare ups



Bursa in Elbow Joint


Running Strollers

If you are like me and have just welcomed, or are awaiting the arrival of a baby, you might need to rethink your training schedule.. All my friends who have children kept telling me the same thing…….”get your sleep in now” or “say goodbye to lie-ins”. So I presume getting out for a few runs each week is out of the question!

Maybe not…

There are numerous strollers/devices out there that may allow you to carry on running and still fulfil your duties as a parent.  Here are a few I have been researching recently!

Thule Chariot Cougar 1 Avocado


I am more familiar with Thule making roof racks for cars, and I have to say I thought they made very good roof racks! This fancy bit of kit allows you to run or cycle with the little sprog in tow, or in front as it has a few different set ups.

According to the manufacturers website, this piece of engineering offers:

  • Aerodynamic design enhances multi-sport capabilities
  • Adjustable suspension for a smooth and stable ride
  • HeightRight™ adjustable handlebar for parents comfort
  • Partial window venting for temperature control
  • Tinted windows ( no go faster stripes unfortunately)

I reckon if they made an attachment for a golf-cart they would have a real winner with this one!

Mountain Buggy Terrain


This bit of kit looks like it is more suited to a parent who prefers off-road running.

According to the manufacturer this buggy has;

  • 16-inch air filled tyres and suspension to ensure a smooth ride of rougher terrain.
  • Requires less “pop” to lift the front wheel (I presume this is designed to make it eaiser getting up kerbs and not to make it easier to grab some air over a table top!)
  • Disc brakes

Overall this sounds like it is suited to the trail runners out there!

Sub 4 running stroller


This stroller looks quick!

According to one website I looked at this was “the worlds fastest stroller”. I am not sure if they have put it through an aerodynamic testing tunnel, but it certainly looks the part!


According to the manufacturers website, this bit of engineering has:

  • Geometric design to allow for maximum stride length
  • Dual disk brakes
  • Suspension
  • Jet-Pack (not to make it go quicker…the jet pack comprises 2 covers to protect the precious cargo from the sun and rain!)

This stroller is suited to the serious runner who loves to pound the tarmac!
My bit of advice would be to do your research and shop around, as there are plenty of other strollers out there for various activities and at a wide variety of prices.I might look into designing one to attach onto a golf buggy or attach onto a surfboard!